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How To Play

In Oracle, each player is given a secret role card. On it is an objective to eliminate specific players, but the catch is, no one knows who is who. Through observation alone, you must deduce who those players are.

Use your cards to construct powerful buildings, launch strategic attacks, and defend would-be allies, all for the sake of completing your objective before anyone else.


  1. When playing with 4 players, remove the Cultist role.
  2. Give each player a health bar and random role card.
  3. Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the middle.
  4. Place the ORACLE card at the bottom of the deck.
  5. Deal 5 cards to each player.
  6. The Crown must reveal their role and take the first turn.
  7. Turns are then taken clockwise.

Your Turn

You can play any number of cards, but the ATTACK card can only be used once per turn.
The DEFEND card blocks any offensive card (coloured in red) and is used outside of your turn.
Building cards (coloured in orange) can be placed in front of you and give bonuses until removed.

After your turn, pick up from the pile until you reach your hand limit of 5 cards.

Keep track of your health by sliding your role card over your health bar.


When the pile runs out, reshuffle the deck and continue play.

When eliminated, you can no longer win and must reveal your role.

Only one player can win, except The Crown and Knight.


The Cultist, since both the Knight and Crown are dead. If the Crown was killed first, the Usurper would win because their win condition is met earlier.

No. FORT only blocks cards that deal damage to health.

No. Your SPELL TOWER only increases your ATTACK card damage.

Yes. You can play another DEFEND for the same attack if your first one gets NULLIFIED.