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How to Play

Each player is given a secret role card. Only reveal it once eliminated.

For example: I am the Knight. I am also the Knight.

On your role card is an objective. The first person to complete their objective wins the game.

Players take turns clockwise. During your turn, play as many cards as you’d like.
But there are 3 special cards to remember:

ATTACK can only be used once per turn.
1 attack is good. 2 attacks is bad.
Defend someone from an attack and they will be forever grateful.
DEFEND is used outside of your turn to help you or other players.
Building cards give special perks when placed in front of you.
Get totally ripped by placing down buildings.

After your turn, pick up from the pile until you reach your hand limit of 5 cards.

You can pickup until you have 5 cards, but 6 is too many.

Once the pile is exhausted, simply reshuffle and continue play.

Reshuffling the deck is good. Throwing the deck out is bad.


Give each player a health bar and random role card.

Shuffle the cards and place the ORACLE card at the bottom. Players start with 5 cards.

The Crown must reveal their role and take the first turn. Turns are then taken clockwise.

Keep track of your health by sliding your role card over the hearts.


Yes. The Crown and Knight are the only two roles which can have a joint win.

Sometimes. You are able to cast spells if you OR any other player owns a Spell Tower.

No. You cannot recycle your cards without using their effect.

No. Fort only blocks cards that deal damage. Fort blocks all the damage from the card, and is then discarded afterwards.

No. Spell Towers only increase your Attack card damage.

No. If The Crown is killed before the Knight, the Usurper wins (as they have completed their objective first). But if both The Crown and  Knight are killed, the Cultist wins.

No. It is entirely up to the player who holds it.

No. You cannot win if you are killed.

Yes. It’s less fun, but you can play with 2-5 players by removing the bottom roles.

Yes. You can play another Defend for the same attack if your first one gets Nullified.