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Often the issue with simple games is that while they are easy to pick up, they lack personality and tend to fall flat over time. On the contrary, games which have lots of personality seem far too intimidating to even approach. Oracle bridges the gap between beginner friendliness and complexity.

It is a game which boasts:

  • Minimal rule reading time (~100 words, see for yourself!)
  • Rounds with an end in sight (15-30 mins).
  • Gameplay that is surprisingly intuitive and familiar.

Where Oracle shines is that it is the perfect game for friends and strangers alike to get together, have fun, and find out just how cunning or deceiving those around you can be.

Easy to pickup, complex enough to be fun.

We want as many people to experience this as possible

As we get through the early access stage, we want to give as much opportunity for players to try our game. If you or someone you know is apart of a club or organisation which hosts regular boardgame sessions, please ask them to reach out to us! For a limited time, we may consider providing those eligible a free copy of Oracle!


UNSW Boardgames and RPG Society

UNSW Boardgames and RPG Society

"I bought 100 (virtual) copies"
- President of UNSW Boardgames and RPG Society 2022

Sydney University SUAnime

SUAnime Sydney University Anime Society

"Delightfully simple yet dramatic as the game goes on"
- Vice President of SUAnime 2021