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Hello! My name is James and I am the creator of Oracle. I always liked socialising through playing games. People are able to show off their personality through gameplay in a fun, unique, and light-hearted manner. In fact my first friend group was founded upon a solid board games night.

In my second year of uni (just after lockdown) I was trying to meet new people at a club event. I was invited to play some board games, but found that they didn’t quite fit the casual setting, with an extensive rulesheet, and long playtime. On the other hand, easy to learn games can be limited. I went home half-jokingly declaring that I will make a game that provided the best of both worlds.

Oracle was born. A card game which bridges the gap between complexity and accessibility. A game that can be easily picked up among a group of friends or strangers, yet provides a thrilling and dynamic experience.

So what are you waiting for? If you like what you hear, try it out! Get some friends together and have fun finding out just how cunning and deceiving those around you can be.