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Attack. Deal 1 damage to a player.
Backstab. Deal 1 damage to a player. Ignore attack limit.
Capture. Steal another player's building.
Destroy. Pick a building. Remove all of them from a player.
Heist. Switch hands with another player.
Sabotage. Discard 2 cards from a player's hand.
Spy. Reveal another player's hand to you.
Defend. Block an offensive card used against any player.
Goody Bag. Draw 2 cards. Ignore hand size.
Goody Bag Plus. Draw 3 cards. Ignore hand size.
Barracks. Increase your attack limit by 1.
Farm. Increase your hand size by 1.
Fort. Discard to block all damage from a card.
Spell Tower. All players can use spells. Increase your Attack damage by 1.
Barrier. You cannot be targeted until your next turn.
Black hole. Destroy all player buildings.
Blood Magic. Switch health with another player.
Nullify. Block any card played at any time.
The Crown. Eliminate all who oppose you.
Demon Lord. Exterminate all other players.
Usurper. Execute The Crown.
Knight. Protect The Crown (even if it kills you!)
Cultist. Slay The Crown and Knight.
heatlh bar
Oracle. This must be the last card in the deck. Reveal all player roles.