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“Oracle’s asymmetric goals force collaboration with strangers or betrayals of friends. It’s really easy to learn and has brought so many fun memories and moments…”

UNSW Student

“Oracle is a brilliantly elegant fusion of battle and social deception games. I bring it up at every game night!”

UNSW Student

“A very entertaining and beginner-friendly game of deduction and betrayal, which quickly turns into an intense shoot-out as everyone fights to be the last man standing.”

Tigris Emperor
UNSW Student

“…One of the most enjoyable parts for me is joking around with roleplay, trying to find the knight and trying to find conniving liars that covet the crown.”

University of Sydney Student

“Delightfully simple yet dramatic as the game goes on.”

University of Sydney Student

“Oracle is one of those games you can just pick up and play, really easy to learn but exciting and engaging.”

University of Sydney Student

“Oracle is unique because it’s both challenging and easy to learn. This trait makes it fun for both beginners and board game veterans. Perfect for a party!”

University of Sydney Student

“Oracle is a great game for messing with your friends when you tell them you’re on their side the whole time just to have you backstab them at the end. Fun.”

UNSW Student

“A game of cunning, cutthroat and deception, forgoing complex rules while still being hours of fun. Mark my words, this game shall take over the world some day!”

Oracult Founder

“An addictive game where you must abuse your friendships to come out on top.”

University of Sydney Student

“…I always thrive as the Demon Lord; that’s where the real fun’s at. You’re a puppeteer, pulling strings while concealed in shadows—watch the chaos ensue. Unforgettable.”

University of Canberra Student

“Oracle is the type of game that ruins friendships, which is the most important characteristic for any card game. I will never be sick of black holing like 19 buildings.”

UNSW Student

“…It’s so easy to play and so exciting to win, I love how high-stakes it feels and playing with or against my friends. It’s a delightful game that can be played strategically or just for giggles.”

University of Sydney Student


Oracle is a thrilling blend of battle and social deduction. Perfect for casual meetups and parties, it is extremely easy to learn and play, with simple rules and a playtime of 15-30 minutes.

In Oracle, each player is given a secret role card. On it is an objective to eliminate specific players, but the catch is, no one knows who is who. Through observation alone, you must deduce who those players are.

Use your cards to construct powerful buildings, launch strategic attacks, and defend would-be allies, all for the sake of completing your objective before anyone else.


Donations Made

Oracle is a game meant to be played with others. If you know of any community centres, non-profit organisations, local clubs – anywhere that regularly hosts board game nights – please reach out to us. We would love to donate Oracle to their collection, enriching the experiences of friends and strangers alike; so that more good times can be had!