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Printable Deck


This is a free DIY downloadable copy that you can print, cut out, and play with friends! Please read the instructions in the description below.



Print out the deck on A4 paper at 100% size.

Trim the page border off, then evenly cut out each of the cards. Note that you do not need to cut along the border of each card, but only need to evenly divide the page by cutting in the middle of two adjacent borders.

The pdf includes both the front and back card art. If you choose to print out both, pair the cards by the following rules:

  • Pair the health bars to the red card backs.
  • Pair the role cards with the role description card backs.
  • Pair the Oracle card with the blue card back.
  • Pair the remaining cards with the gold card back.

You can either glue the two backs together, or use a card sleeve to hold both faces.

If you use card sleeves, optionally place a dummy card inbetween for structural support!


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